Monday, June 1, 2015

What we lost

I know that the blog hasn't rebranded yet but considering that today is Children's Day, I've decided to take a minute of silence to continue mourning the loss of:
-the good Disney dubs
-Doraemon (1979) in Spanish
and lots of other stuff that we lost.


  1. Still with CH HQ?

    1. We have CN PT since December 3rd, 2013. It's been almost nineteen - 19 - months since I've lost it. It's been almost nineteen - 19 - months since I felt empty and heartbroke.

    2. No offence, but I think you're taking this a bit too seriously. It's just a channel. Besides, the channel may not even be good. For example I didn't like it when SBB kicked off Disney XD. Now that I have it again, that was a right decision to make.

    3. I still want to see CN HQ again. If I want to watch it I must spend 400€ in illegal activities to install OSN IPTV equipment.