Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Top 10 Posts

To coincide with the first anniversary of this blog:

10 -  CN HQ - May schedules. A recent post, 88 views.
9 - Blog rebrand delayed?. 88 views due to excessive commenting.
8 - IT'S OFFICIAL - BM HQ to rebrand on February 2nd, 2015. 93 views.
7 - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - PLEASE LISTEN. Another recent post, lots of comments gave it 97 views.
6 - Boomerang - It WAS All Coming Back to You. 100 views, posted before the rebrand on Boomerang CEE.
5 - Darwin the Merman: Hypothetical Portuguese dub question. 107 views due to the Graphilm debacle.
4 - WackyMan. 116 views due to 35 comments!
3 - BM HQ will NOT rebrand on January 14th. 127 views.
2 - CN HQgate. This blog's first "blockbuster" and the first time such a thing happened on my blogs. 158 views and 23 comments.
1 - Prepare for something predominantly in Portuguese. 207 views for some strange reason.


  1. These aren't accurate results... Anyone that views that page again is counted, so it isn't really valid.

    BTW Disney XD EMEA seems to have some issues with the new idents from stash creative, they're mixing then with the old ones and sometimes go back to them!

  2. I'm currently hiring a crew to work on my webseries The Anytown Show which has classic 90s characters from Dexter's Laboratory Hey Arnold Rugrats Johnny Bravo Recess The Wild Thornberrys The Powerpuff Girls and Rocket Power interacting with each other in new situations and right now I'm looking for storyboard artists, would you want to work on the show? I would give you a part of a script of the episode, and I'll have you draw storyboard of it