Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toonzone has rebranded

After a 24-hour maintenance, the Toonzone forums have finally rebranded, now matching the site's new look.

And what a mess it is.

For a start, all our accounts had doubled the amount of PMs and posts, also the user title changed back to my previous one.

You can't see the posts your TZ friends have wrote on your profile.

The smileys are awful.

You can now rate posts based on how you feel.

The forums now look narrower (currently due to MMORPG advertising).

The number of posts per page is now 20 instead of 10 (it was ten posts per page for eleven months now, they changed back).

The new layout now works well on mobile devices.

I've heard that posts can no longer support more than 600 characters.

The chat box has been removed after about fifteen months.

This is giving me headaches.

On the other hand, I am feeling insanely optimistic on the return of RegularTaxi.


  1. You forgot some stuff.

    The avatars are zoomed in and pixelated

    Some threads have the normal /forums/threads and some /forums/forums lel

    That white thing around the user title

    The previous YT embeds don't work anymore rip

    Plus the double message counter(GRATS ON FRANCISQUE FOR HIS 6K POSTS!!!!!! LOL OK!!!!)

    And previous people's user names changed back and for example MDawgs old name became an account itself(ZOMBIE)

    The post counter doubled

    And it is just hard to look for posts, it's a MESS of a 'design', and these HUGE bugs don't help at all.

    They just didn't try at all.

    1. I've later noticed that Checkerboard's background was rectangular and we could see the central part of it. Basically it was just taken from the closedown.

    2. σωστός

    3. In Portugal, our English is always crap.



    5. rogueamp, ayy.
      srsly, toonzone is screwed until they fix the new update, toonzone staff, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

    6. I doubt they will.

      Broken links, broken previous embeds, doubled post counter... Especially the broken previous embeds, that can't be fixed since this is new software(The 'design' isn't as innovative as they're saying), so like the new channel awesome forums I guess that will just stay broken

      anyways ayy lmao

    7. What a horrible way to go! This design needs to be fixed.

    8. It's not just the design change (in fact it's mostly just the generic defaults, like the smileys, the only thing that stands out is the banner, the rest like the white, all defaults), it's a software upgrade which was TERRIBLY DONE (which is why we're seeing issues like doubled post counter, zombie accounts etc., although those fucked urls, someone in the team screwed up like the rest of this software 'upgrade'), for example I saw forums that are way newer and way smaller then tz which did a software upgrade for a 10, and a way bigger and a forum that was launched in 2001 does the software upgrade for a 0?

      I don't even know

    9. Toonzone just decided to leave vBulletin because I assume it was getting outdated.

  2. There's nothing wrong with vBulletin, it's not outdated, it's still supported and loads of sites use the software. The was just some data duplication issues with the migration to Xenforo (an import script ran twice perhaps?), that's what I think anyway.

    1. Yeah I agree, vBulletin is still great.

    2. Maybe they wanted to try something different?


    4. ∞/10 beat

  3. Also data snapshots for different parts of the database was probably taken at different days within a few months, hence the data mismatch.

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  5. k out this video it has 90s toons in it