Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Ramadan Riddles works

I'd like to wish a happy Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem!) to all my Muslim followers. If you live in the Arab World, they have this thing called Ramadan Riddles every year on CN Arabic.

If you watch CN Arabic on a regular basis, this is what you do:
1 - Watch the block on CN Arabic then pay attention to a show in question
2 - Go to the microsite on CN Arabic's website and answer a question about the episode
3 - If you get the right answer, you can play a minigame in under 30 seconds (like a puzzle)
4 - Enter your personal information and a ranking table appears
Then repeat those four steps over and over again until Ramadan ends in a little over four weeks. And after that, it's Eid Mubarak.


  1. Replies
    1. ayy nightosphere is the next milan tarot lmao

    2. xDDD
      I'll just leave this here

    3. (I know) Could it be my ride?
      (the real) Could it be my shine?
      (why do these boys) Could it be my cash knots?
      (want me killed) Could it be because of my height?
      (I know) Could it be my crib?
      (the real) Or the way I live?
      (why do these boys) Could it be my dog?
      (want me killed) Or why the girls can't leave me alone?

      On the real, all I do is chill
      Them boys walk around, with anger concealed
      Truth is revealed - I ball
      Hate to recall (?), cars, I got it all

      I stand tall as I walk
      Diamonds on my neck
      Got boys on no-talk
      I'm loving the way I'm making this cake
      All the cash I'm seeing from the decisions I make

      I gotta stand myself up for continual cash
      G's up, marks down, as I hide my stash
      Keeping dudes on retreat - that's how I'm doin' 'em
      They can't get away, bankruptcy pursuin' 'em

      Every plan, they done had
      To come up in this game, I done trashed
      These haters, I done locked
      Out this game, that I only rock

      In this hustle of infamy
      I'm that top choice G
      The one they can't fade
      The one that got it made

      In this infamy game
      I make more money while punks know y'all name
      I'm infamy-blessed
      That's something you don't wanna test

      In this lick I'm in
      I made it so only I can win
      In perceptions of it - reality
      Cause they think they gon' cease a G

      Cause I always change it up with somethin' new
      A new style that can't lose
      When these pussy niggas try to steal my swag
      So I switch it up again on they ass

      You can call me all (?) auto-tune
      Computer Viper, that's what it do
      So you cats better start playin' the lotto
      That's the only way that y'all comin' up, bro

  2. And I remember a series of strange technical issues on XD EMEA, when I woke up, the image wad static saying the channel will come back at 6 am(the thing is though, this was never used! The signal just cut out.)the dvb subtitles and the audio was not affected, then the picture came back the audio was out of sync for a few seconds, then fixed.

    Then an even weirder, like before, the static message about it comming back at 6 am, audio dvb subtitle was not interrupted, but then the signal cut out COMPLETELY, when it came back, the picture was back but there was no audio or dvb subtitle. Then a few hours later, the picture froze, with DC EMEA instead of XD EMEA broadcast for a few seconds, then everything returned to normal.

    The third scenario happened the same as the first one.

  3. watch this

    1. i can't believe that someone can be this dumb.

    2. WATCH THIS!