Tuesday, December 16, 2014

About #SalvarDisneyCinemagic

In the past few days, with the announcement of the end of the Spanish version of Disney Cinemagic, RegularCapital came up with #SalvarDisneyCinemagic (or #ToSaveDisneyCinemagic) with Arthur Claus. Readers, it's important to know that we haven't had the channel for two years now and there was no petition like that and the channel closed down for sure.
If only I joined the social networks earlier and made a campaign called #SaveCNHQ. Too late, no return...
Around the World 4 is next.


  1. The real reason I'm taking part in #SalvarDisneyCinemagic is because Disney treats us fans like crap, this campaign is also for them to listen to their fans. I'm not just doing it for Spain, this campaign is the foundation of Disney XD EMEA into Portugal and to improve DC CEE. They can't ignore our emails any longer they're now aware. You have to start from somewhere.

    1. In Portugal they treat us like crap as well, but now that e-mails or petitions don't work, the future is social media campaigns!

    2. Well there you go, I hope this advice was valuable to you :D

    3. I got negative comments on my petition back in September, to an extent that an antipage against me was created.