Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tooncast: All Toons, All The Time! (not)

(info from TZ user Mariana)
It's 14:29 at the time I started writing this post, 12:29 in southern and south-eastern Brazil. For the first time in six years - you've heard it from me: six years - Tooncast has broken their promise as seen on the channel's slogan.
The promise has been broken with the airing of a 1983 movie called A Christmas Story. For those who don't have any idea (like myself) of what I'm talking about, here's the plot:
The main character, Ralphie, wanted a rifle for Christmas. His desire is rejected by his mother, teacher and a mall Santa all of them with the same answer: "you'll shoot your eye out".
We skip to the end and see that he gets the rifle. This movie has no moral behind, but the rejections are the moral: guns are not a gift. They are dangerous.
The movie is a comedy but Tooncast's decision to air the movie, in my opinion, is a comedy. On the Toonzone forums, she said that Turner disappointed her and that the movie should air on TCM.
EDIT: 14:49 - Checking a Brazilian website to see the channel's schedule led me to a half-hour showing at 13:30 (when it will be 15:30 over here), perhaps it's the H-B version? I'm awaiting for a concise answer.
EDIT: 15:32 - Mariana said that she found the information on the Turner Tapkit and that the schedules were giving the description for the live-action movie. Photo proof:

EDIT: 15:36 - So it was the HB movie after all? It seems that Turner sent the wrong schedule to TV providers and the Turner Tapkit and this was a misunderstanding because it has the same title.
Technically this misunderstanding is a comedy.

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