Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Like anybody else, I faced the adversities of 2014.
My Christmas break ended with a splash of cold water with the death of Eusébio, the first mediatic death of the year, then Malaysia Airlines loses a plane, I got sick (and I got an extra week of Spring Break, thus giving me some more flexibility on April Fool's Day), then the ESC (or EFC because of Conchia Wurst and the fact that I had to repeatedly tell my mother that it was an alter-ego), then the launch of this new blog, the World Cup, the fact that, according to my mother, our national football team was pretty weak, me finally joining Facebook, then Malaysia Airlines lost another plane, the BES crisis, the Vocaroo issue, Sócrates behind bars, me getting a new camera and now #SaveCNHQ.
It seems that 2015 will start with deceptions: the new Orthographical Agreement and paid bags.
Other than that, it seems that despite this crisis composed of a chain of bad events and the new year starting with deprovals, Happy New Year to the rest of our society and to this blog.

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