Sunday, December 28, 2014

BM HQ will NOT rebrand on January 14th

The new Inspector Gadget show, set to premiere on BM HQ on January 14th, will not mark BM HQ's second full-on rebrand.
The schedule will mostly remain the same, the show is just a single addition.


  1. Hi there! :) Just a quick question; does "Boomerang HQ" mean Boomerang in the United States? Or is it for another country? (Because it was reported earlier that the Inspector Gadget reboot would air on Cartoon Network in the U.S., but that was many months ago...)

    1. No. I always refer to the feed in the United States as BM USA, the same is true to their Cartoon Network.
      This "BM HQ" is the Boomerang Eastern Europe used to get until 2011. It currently broadcasts to Cyprus, the Middle East and Africa, and formerly Portugal like Cartoon Network HQ did until last year (they will most likely return because I'm making #SaveCNHQ with RegularTaxi).
      The new Inspector Gadget show will most likely premiere on Canal Panda in Portugal, they aired the original five years ago.

    2. Oh, and another thing:
      In the USA, according to the Toonzone Forums, the new look also means that there will be an upfront for 2015. It will most likely show up on the upfront.