Saturday, December 6, 2014

New CN blog from TZ user artnerfy

I am about to contribute on a blog called RegularTaxi. Think Regular Show mixed in with RebelTaxi with elements from taken in for good measure.
You can see the test site on the link here: Still in test mode.


  1. The website looks like a blatant ripoff :D

    1. Sorry but I couldn't resist laughing.
      But the blog is very new, it will take some time to improve.

    2. Funny in the sense that it's ripping me off? It doesn't bother me at all that your reporting on CN news, it's my identity that has been partly stolen, I just made a post about Ninjago and then a post appeared immediately on yours and artnerfy's new website.

      Yes, I can see many things that need to be corrected and I don't like the layout much.

    3. I made a post about BM CEE and you didn't.

    4. You think it's some kind of joke?

    5. Luke, it's not your identity that was stolen. The site's name was based off a Cartoon Network show.
      Like I said, I can shutdown the website if you don't feel comfortable with it.

    6. Good luck with the blog, I thought this was an attempt to Troll me to see what my reaction was. :D

    7. It's ok dude.
      I linked to your site so you get a bit of credit.
      Good luck with your website too.

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