Sunday, December 7, 2014

More blogging issues

Now RegularTaxi removed the link to my blog! I now feel like an angry loner!


  1. RegularGate is over, and your link is back (it's back on my blog too), artnerfy was only making HTML changes on his blog that's why it was removed. I actually suggested to artnerfy to use the Taxi from Ello Gov'nor for his avatar. You're not a loner, you're just angry now. XD

    I was in hysterics when I was listening to Around The World Part 2.

    artnerfy is a nice chap be nice to him okay. :)

    1. Hysterics? Did the fact that when I started playing Barbie Girl and Ecuador towards the end of episode 2 just in order to calm people from the issue you were in hysterics?
      Thanks to everyone who sorted out this issue which didn't last a full day.