Friday, December 26, 2014

KidsHelpOut - ten years on

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami - a time where Portuguese television talked about it all the time - featuring footage from Indonesian channels, and recently I've seen footage from ITN Sri Lanka - which I didn't note at the time - turning paradise in hell in less than one minute.
An event that was larger in scale than the one in Japan three years ago - I quickly switched to NHK World that night.

Cartoon Network wanted to join it. The result was the creation of, which gave me my first contact with Give a Little Bit, the song that was playing on the ads for it. Here's one of the versions:
That was the only time CN HQ aired a campaign like that - no bullying or fitness movements from the States appeared.
Towards the end we could see Wonder Woman from Justice League Unlimited (which never aired on CN HQ and in turn never aired in English, but it did air on RTP 2 and now on Biggs), Starfire from Teen Titans (which only premiered in the end of 2006 on RTP 2 - and the new show premiered without even airing the fifth season of the original) and (most likely) Ami and Yumi's animated forms which only premiered in May in our coutnry.
CN HQ aired scenes from DC animated series that never aired - there was a CN HQ bumper based on a British one that had scenes from Mucha Lucha on it.

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