Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blogging Excavations: CN Portugal's flaws

WARNING: There are typos...
Before we get to the flaws, a little story to tell:
As you may already know, we FINALLY got a 100% localized version of Cartoon Newtork since last December. (actually it bagen to Angola and Mozambique last October). Back in October, when I FINALLY discovered about the existence of such a channel, I thought that the channel was supposed to complement instead of replace the channel. Almost two months later, after TCM and Boomerang receiving their dire fate, it was announced that CN HQ would go away. Along with TCM. I cared more about CN HQ, but less about TCM.
The last remnants of my childhood died on that fateful day. It's replacement was even worse.
Cartoon Network Portugal sprung to life after a two-month test run in Angola and Mozambique and bought back some popularity to the channel.
...the channel needs to fix problems. A LOT of problems.
1: Lack of variety. That is justified by hte fact that the channel started out with only SIX SHOWS!!! (Guinness Book of World Records, here's a record for you: the Cartoon Network that has aired the least number of shows at launch) then expanded to eight shows, later nine and now eleven.
2: No blocks. Currently Cartoon Network HQ is showing Mighty Monday and Old School, whereas CN HQ is just airing shows.
3: Bad bumper editing. The start of a bumper is cut off, resulting in a black screen for the last split-second before cutting into a promo.
4: Another bumper problem: some bumpers air with the wrong audio track!
5: Only one announcer. He sounds like the one for Canal Panda, only depressing. There were three of them on HQ: two male announcers, one of them had a British accent and was mostly used for comedy show promos and the other one had an American accent and was mostly used for action show promos. The female one? She had a British accent and she can be listened on pushbacks and NEXT bumpers.
6: Lack of slogan. CN HQ has "Keep it Cartoon Network" on their pushbacks.
7: We can see a hint of CN ES (which closed down last year). The Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 2011 European bumper (it doesn't air on PT) is used before 19:45 showings of Ben 10: Omniverse on weekdays. Problem is: the text under the logo reads "CARTOONNETWORK.ES".
8: End credits for Dexter's Laboratory in season 1 show the end credits of the first episode of season 2.
9: Related to #8: the Hanna-Barbera logo has a bunch of interesting variants, all of them being audio edits.
10: The end credits for The Powerpuff Girls use the instrumental version, not the original.
11: The prints come from various sources. Is it really that expensive to get the origial SIC and TVI prints? Those prints had the dubbing credits! Especially in the ending scene from the PPG episode "Stray Bullet", the source came from the Italian dub.
12: Some promos have some Spanish sentences mixed in for no apparent reason whatsoever.
13: Speaking of promos, some promos use scenes from episodes that didn't air on CN PT. Examples include:
-The AT NY Day marathon which used the final scene from Holly Jolly Secrets (contradicted as of 08/03/2014)
-The CN Weekend Marathons promo which features scenes from seasons 5 and 6 of The Powerpuff Girls
14: The music used in promos is... awkward. For starters, they use 10% amateur music (examples include the first seconds of the GAOBAM promo and the second half of the Christmas "special" promo) and 90% "stock" music (mostly coming from Audio Network).
15: Only one advertiser: Concentra with various ads for their toys
16: The NEXT bumpers, NOW bumpers and ad bumpers all use the same audio track (same as CN ES)
17: Aspect ratio. 4:3 shows air with vertical black bars. The channel airs in 16:9. They need to learn from Disney Channel.
18: No working website, just shows the full launch promo.
19: No working Facebook page.
20: No working Twitter page.
And that... I think... is that. Currently, we don't have any options to watch cartons in English (thanks to the stupid decision of removing Boomerang for no apparent reason whatsoever) leaving many children in Portugal in a dead end. Most of them can't change the audio channel, so they are in a dead end.
I want CN HQ and BM HQ back!
1: Still no variety
2: Still no blocks
3: No more bad bumper editing since CHECK it. 3.0 arrived
4: No bumpers other than NEXT ones, this is not Canal Panda or Biggs
5: Still the same annoying man
6: Still no slogan
7: The bug now reads "CARTOONNETWORK.PT"
11: Still not corrected
12: Less Spanish this time
13: A promo for PPG S5 aired by accident last month
14: Now they're using famous music
15: More advertisers, but less ad breaks
16: No audio track faffling with the new look
18: Now with added website, sadly it's the Latin American one
19: Now with added Facebook page

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