Saturday, August 2, 2014

Your Shout - SKY Pacific Edition: the aftermath

"I would like to deposit my two cents on this situation.
I'm from Portugal and I decided to write here because I'm expressing my solidarity to the people of Fiji and other countries which receive SKY Pacific's satellite services.
It's immoral to remove popular channels and replace them with minor channels due to popular request. Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, BBC World News, Star Plus and a few others are very popular in the region.
I agree with Prince Radrodro: by the time SKY Pacific becomes a TV provider with the planned 50 channels, they will offer a two-tier system: channels that are cheap to afford on the 25-channel package and top, renowned, world-class channels on the 50-channel package. By then, they will have channels that you may not probably know, like KBS World, Disney Channel or SET ONE.
I'm hoping that your favorite channels will return one day. Let's not turn SKY Pacific into ‪#‎SKYPathetic‬."
Words that I wrote yesterday night on SKY Pacific's Facebook page and that reflect my state of solidarity with Fiji TV, SKY Pacific and lots of subscribers.
SKY Pacific is currently holding a monopoly. There used to be a company called PBS in Fiji but I'm pretty sure that they're bankrupt now. Will FBC become the owner of SKY Pacific? Probably not.

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