Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blogging Excavations: Me, Myself, I and Cartoon Network

What you're about to see is my first attempt at making a fanfic using characters from the sadly now abandoned project called "House of RandomMe" that I was about to do when I could start making proper Flash animations, but that almost served as a pilot for a show that never was.
True story: on November 27th, CN HQ was being replaced by CN PT and the channel would change the Portuguese audiovisual landscape forever, with awful voices and crap acting (those last two words ("crap acting") actually make some sense to me).
One of the characters, Milo Waterman (who is a merman inspired on Milo from Fish Hooks) is still to arrive on future projects.
Read it and get cringed, too.
This piece of fan fiction is related to real events:
1 - The death of CN HQ in Portugal
2 - The birth of CN HQ in Portugal
3 - My relationship with CN HQ
This happens to be related with a future. Flash-animated project called House of RandomMe. And the titular character isn't based on my real self, LOL
Cartoon Network. My old friend. I lived in a blank world. I had no imagination. One day, a foreign exchange student from London came into my house. He said to me: "Hi! How are you? I'm fine. Thank you. 1... 2... 3... red, yellow, blue, green, black, white..."
I was perplexed. He was a mysterious figure. He taught me English and forced me to watch Cartoon Network.
As the years progressed, my relationship with Cartoon Network grew. He stayed immune to the destruction of the Twin Towers and the start of the Iraq War.
He had become my best childhood friend.
CN grew up with me until 2007. He taught me English in a non-educational way. I played games in English, dreamed in English and wrote in English.
In 2005, I decided to walk all by myself. Cartoon Network bought me merchandise. By 2007, he was starting to suck. And that's when I started to meet a merman. He was called Milo.
I have absolutely no idea what was going on...
Sometime in 2010, I started rediscovering Cartoon Network. He was near Milo's room. (readers, Milo is a fictional character. He's a character from my web cartoon. Onwards...) I started liking him again. He upgraded again in 2010 after he rediscovered Cow and Chicken. He later gave me more and more shows in order to make my life complete.
Early in 2013, he started to suck again. He decided to sell some of his shows to a torrentmaker in Russia. He started to suck again with Mucha Lucha and all those weird shows.
Weird, isn't it?
Late in November, he sent me a note:
"You were very special to me. Next Tuesday, I'll return to London."
The big day (December 2nd, a Monday) had arrived. It was almost 8pm and he was ready to go back to London where he really was. "I" (readers, that's not the real me, but a fake character with my username) said "Goodbye... forever..." and he left... So sad...
Author's note: Thank you, Cartoon Network, for your wonderful hours in the learning of English. You (not the exchange student) will change your language but you (the channel) will leave a legacy. A bit of learning magic is gone from my country...

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