Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blogging Excavations: Regular Life: Living Without Regular Show (and cartoons in English)

I'm a young man.
I want to see my favorite cartoons.
Think of a life without cartoons. Even worse: in English.
I lost access to cartoons spoken in a language other than Portuguese.
Most importantly: I lost access to Regular Show.
How can I live without Mordecai and Rigby trying to avoid their work at the park?
Most importantly: how can I live without my favorite character: Pops Maellard?
I missed the only character who used old phrases and words "Let the merrymaking begin!". I believe that everyone from Lolliland says "GOOD SHOW! JOLLY GOOD SHOW!!!" on a regular basis.
But I miss other shows like 2 Stupid Dogs (remember?) or The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.
Anyone who is a fan of 80% of CN's old shows used to hit the jackpot big time.
And you could learn English without going to school and pronounce it correctly.
But now, it's just a dead end.
Why do I communicate in English and watch cartoons in Portuguese? Please take me back to my wonderful childhood, with beautiful cartoons.
By the time I have my children, in 10-15 years, if I want them to inflict on the English language at such an early age, I want to tell them a story. The story of Cartoon Network. And my sons/daughters won't be able to pronounce a single word of English correctly until they're ten.
But how can I contradict that? How can my life be dull and uninteresting without cartoons in English? I don't need to log on to the Internet. I just need my daily dose of English nonsense. I have no English friends...

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